Isorropia Foundation is a vibrant community, where people come together to support each another, participate in activities, and unfold their highest potential. But we couldn’t deliver this service without the help of Volunteers, many of whom are ex-Members themselves, that have ‘graduated’ from Isorropia and are seeking to give something back. But we also welcome Volunteers from outside the service – conscientious individuals that would like to contribute towards the wellbeing of their community.

There are no special requirements for Volunteers, beyond having the time and willingness to get involved. But if you can bring any special skills, knowledge or resources to the table, then all the better.

You will be asked to complete a basic induction course, which imparts some key safety information, and helps you to find the most suitable role – which might be helping to deliver one of the courses, or leading an activity like cooking, walking, or photography, or simply being there to welcome new Members and make them a cup of tea. Because you will be working with vulnerable adults, Volunteers must undergo a criminal background check, but we cover the cost of that, so it simply involves completing a form and submitting some ID, and then waiting for confirmation to come through that you have no prior convictions that would disqualify you from volunteering.

To enquire about or apply to be a Volunteer at Isorropia Foundation, please click the button below, which will take you to our contact page.

If you think Isorropia Foundation is a service worth having on the Island, then please consider becoming an Isorropia Patron. What is an Isorropia Patron? Simply a community-minded individual who is willing to make a small monthly donation, to help us to pay for things like rent, bills, salaries, therapies, groups, courses, tools, materials, IT equipment, and travel expenses for our Volunteers, so that we can continue to deliver these life-changing services.

Despite the importance of what we do, we still have to work hard to secure the funding that we need to operate. That means competing for contracts, making grant applications, soliciting donations, and organising fund-raising events, which are full-time activities in themselves.

But when kind-hearted individuals agree to become Patrons, they give us a little breathing space. They not only help to secure our long-term future, but they also allow us to focus on what we do best – which is providing friendly, intelligent, and well-targeted support, when people need it.

As a small token of our thanks, we give all Patrons Isorropia Foundation lapel pins and window stickers, we keep you informed of how we’re getting on and what our plans for the future are (through quarterly updates), and we invite you to attend ‘Friends of Isorropia’ events, like meetings, celebrations, and fund-raisers, so that you can meet our Staff, Volunteers, and other Patrons, as well as see first-hand what we do, and find out exactly what your money is enabling us to do.

To become an Isorropia Patron, simply click the Donate button below, fill in your details, and select the amount you’d like to donate each month. Once you’ve done that we’ll send you an email to say thank you, and to ask where you’d like your pin, window sticker, and any upcoming invitations sending. Our quarterly updates will be sent to the email address that you provide, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you’d prefer not to receive them. Thanks for caring, and for taking the time to read this message.

Community Champions are individuals, businesses, and organisations who accept Volunteers and Work-experience Participants from us, and help them to gain confidence and experience, and occasionally employ some of those people.

Often when somebody has a physical disability, or a history of mental illness or substance abuse, employers will write them off as a bad risk. Which not only damages that person’s self-esteem and condemns them to a life on benefits (which of course harms the community as a whole), but is an incredible waste of talent. People who have faced and overcome great adversities in life are often some of the most talented and conscientious people in the community. And by throwing these people out due to preconceptions and false assumptions that they’re less able than anyone else to perform a given role is not only tragic and short-sighted, but monumentally wasteful.

Some people, businesses, and organisations however are made of sterner stuff, and possess enough vision to see that it makes a great deal of sense, and creates win-win-win situations for themselves, for the individuals they take on, and for the community as a whole, when they open their doors to Volunteers and Work-experience Participants, and give people who have faced great challenges in life a chance. That’s all people need, a chance – an open door, so that they can demonstrate who they are and what they can do. And you might be surprised what people can do when given that chance.

There’s no risk involved, Isorropia Community Champions are under no obligation to take people on in a permanent paid capacity. Only if that placement works out and everyone involved would like to proceed, do we consider taking the next step, which might involve training (which we can organise at no cost to you through our partnership with the Adult Community Learning Centre), or that person’s role transitioning into something more permanent. It’s unrealistic to expect every placement to work out perfectly, but it’s important that we try, and place people into opportunities in which wonderful outcomes can occur.

And in return for your participation, Isorropia Community Champions receive not only a steady stream of as many talented and passionate Volunteers and Work-experience Participants as they need, but they benefit by receiving some extremely positive PR, as well as a thank you package, that includes an Isorropia Foundation lapel pin and window sticker, quarterly updates that keep you informed of how we’re getting on and what our plans for the future are, and invitations to ‘Friends of Isorropia’ events, like meetings, celebrations, and fund-raisers, so that you can meet our team of Staff, Volunteers, Patrons, and other community-minded individuals like yourself – to see first-hand what we do, and what you’re helping to achieve.

If you’d like to participate in our Isorropia Community Champions programme, then please get in touch by clicking the button below.