Isorropia Foundation is a vibrant community, where people come together to support each another, participate in activities, and unfold their highest potential. But we couldn’t deliver this service without the help of volunteers, many of whom are ex-members themselves, who are seeking to give something back. We also welcome volunteers from outside the service – conscientious individuals who would like to contribute towards the wellbeing of their community.

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Please consider becoming an Isorropia Patron and supporting us with a small monthly donation, to help us to pay for things like rent, bills, salaries, therapies, groups, courses, tools, materials, IT equipment, and travel expenses for our volunteers, so that we can continue to deliver these life-changing services.

Despite the importance of what we do, we still have to work hard to secure the funding that we need to operate.

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Community Champions are individuals, businesses, and organisations who accept volunteers and work-experience participants from us, and help them to gain confidence and experience, and occasionally employment.

We invite individuals, businesses, and organisations to open their doors to volunteers and work-experience participants, and give people who have faced great challenges in life a chance.

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