Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch using the contact form below.

General Information

Do you have any age restrictions?

We currently work with individuals who are over 18. However, we occasionally run programmes for 16+, so if you’re 16 or 17 do reach and we may be able to help you.

How do I become a member?

You can self-refer by calling us directly on 01983 217791 or emailing Alternatively, another mental health practitioner can refer you directly.

Will my information be confidential?

Confidentiality is our utmost priority. We keep all your information confidential. There are only a few rare occasions where we might share your information, such as if you transferred your care to another mental health service, or we were concerned for your safety, or the safety of another. In any of these cases, we’ll first discuss this with you.

Can I talk to a wellbeing coach 1-1?

You can! Although our main avenue of support is groupwork, once you’re a member, you can access our duty team for support over the phone by calling us Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

Isorropia Foundation is primarily funded by the ICB and No Wrong Door Programmes which enables us to provide a fully funded service at no cost to our members.

Location & Transport

Is there parking at the Medina Valley Centre?

There’s plenty of free parking at our site, so no matter your transport we’ll have room to accommodate you!

How do I get to the Medina Valley Centre?

There are many ways to access Medina Valley Centre, including car, cycling, walking, or our shuttle bus!

If you’re coming by road, you can find us at the bottom of Dodnor Lane, by the riverside.

If you’re cycling or walking, then the cycling route from Cowes to Newport is your best option, and will deliver you within a stone’s throw of our premises.

Alternatively, we offer a shuttle bus which runs between Medina Valley Centre and Morrison’s in Central Newport, and this accommodates a large number of our workshops.

CLICK HERE to view our location on a map.

Do I have to pay for the Shuttle bus?

Isorropia Foundation are pleased to offer a free shuttle bus service from Newport Town Centre to our site at the Medina Valley Centre. The shuttle bus schedule runs to align with the workshop times.

Is the Medina Valley Centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are! We run most of our workshops from our self-sufficient outbuilding, called ‘Glanville’s’.

Glanville’s is accessible via a small, portable ramp, which is 70cm wide, has a 4cm rise, and an 8cm drop on the other side.

If you are a wheelchair user, and this ramp isn’t suitable to support you in accessing our workshop room, then please do let us know ahead of time and we’ll ensure that our workshop takes place in one of our other rooms.

Please see below a picture of the ramp leading into Glanville’s, and a picture of our wheelchair accessible toilet based in our main building.

If you have any additional needs or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this with us!

Is there somewhere I can get food and drinks?

We don’t offer any food or drink services at present, so please do come prepared with a snack and drink. If you wanted to fill up your flask with tap-water, we’d be happy to help!


How long are the workshops?

The length of our workshops varies, running at 2 hours, 5 hours, and 2 days. We’re always careful to include plenty of breaks, usually aiming for a break on the hour, every hour.

What times are the workshops?

Our workshops tend to start at either 10am for the early birds, 1pm for those that prefer afternoons, and 6pm for those that can only access our workshops in the evening. Knowing that people can’t always attend during the day, we’re proud to offer a selection of workshops in the evening.

How many workshops can I do?

As many as you like! Once you’ve enrolled with you, you have access to all our workshops, as many times as you like, for as long as you need. As long as you feel you’re benefitting and making progress, then we’re happy to have you along!

Can we attend a workshop more than once?

Absolutely! As long as you’re benefitting and moving forward, you can attend any of our workshops as often as you like.

How big are the groups?

Group sizes vary, with an average of 10 members in each workshop.

What if I’m worried about groups?

We understand that joining a group for your mental health can be a daunting idea… after all, it’s a very new way of working, and very likely different to anything that you’ve tried before! If you’re feeling a little nervous, we’d like to reassure you that we don’t force anyone to share, so you can attend and just listen, if that suits you best. Additionally, we offer support from our Mentors, who are previous members who’ve found success with Isorropia Foundation and are now passionate in supporting new members on their journeys. They can accompany you personally, in a 1-1 capacity, as you go through your journey.

In our experience, almost all our members start to feel comfortable and relaxed very soon after starting their journeys with us!

How do we book workshops?

Once you’ve joined Isorropia and attended your Introduction Workshop, we’ll send you a link which lets you manage your workshop bookings on the go. However, if you’d rather speak to a human, you can always call us on 01983 217791 and we can help you to manage your bookings over the phone!

Do you do evening workshops?

We do! We understand the pressures associated with working and caring and are pleased to offer a selection of workshops in the evening. We’re not commissioned to work outside of 09:00-17:00, but knowing that not everyone can join us in the day, we’re proud to offer some workshops for those that couldn’t otherwise access us.

What happens after I complete the workshop programme?

Once you’ve completed your Isorropia Programme, one of a few things will happen. If you’ve got what you need, then we’ll graduate you to our Community Umbrella, where you can continue to access workshops, telephone support, social groups, or our private social media groups on your terms. If you feel you need more time with us, we can restart your programme from any point you’d like, and if you want help in reaching another organisation, we can do that with you too!

Community Umbrella

Do I have to complete the workshop programme and foundation course to access the Community Umbrella?

No, you don’t! From the moment you’ve finished your Introduction Workshop, we’ll share with you the variety of social groups that are on offer to access immediately. The only thing we ask is that you continue to access our workshops alongside the social groups, so that you’re getting the most out if Isorropia.

Where can I find information about the social groups?

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get access to our Monthly Navigator – our Newsletter which keeps you posted on all that’s happening at Isorropia for the coming months. Additionally, once you’ve graduated, you’ll also have access to our private social media groups, which keep you even more closely connected to our social groups.

Is there a limit to how long I can access the Community Umbrella?

There’s no limit, it’s there as long as you’d like! Knowing how important meaningful connection is to mental wellbeing, you’re welcome to keep coming, meeting new people, and forming new friendships.