What We Do

Experience a range of wellbeing workshops, an empowering foundation course, and a vibrant community umbrella at Isorropia Foundation.

The Workshop Programme

The workshop programme provides members with a unique opportunity to participate in a wide range of wellbeing workshops. These workshops focus on various aspects of mental wellbeing and aim to enhance understanding of how our habits, thoughts, and routines can impact one’s mental health. By attending the Workshop Programme, you’ll gain valuable insights into the reasons behind your struggles and learn effective coping strategies. Our dedicated coaches will guide you towards the tools and techniques necessary to independently manage your wellbeing, empowering you to lead a fulfilled and contented life.

Workshop Topics:
  • 5Introduction Workshop
  • 5Effective Communication
  • 5Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • 5Overcoming Low Mood
  • 5Emotional Regulation
  • 5Building Healthy Relationships
  • 5Mastering Anxiety
  • 5Basic Human Needs
  • 5Wellbeing Planning
  • 5The Fear of Getting Well
  • 5The Inner Critic
  • 5Anger Management

The Gift Foundation Course

This course is designed to reconnect members with what is possible in their life, relationships, family, career, and community.

  • Reconnect with the things you love and that matter to you.
  • Explore how your mindset can bring about positive permanent shifts, creating the life you want.
  • Establish extremely powerful new ways of thinking and behaving that will promote success and balance in your personal wellbeing.

Isorropia Foundation will work with you to explain, understand, and embrace the core elements to wellbeing and how they can directly impact your life.

The Community Umbrella

Once you have completed ‘The Gift’ foundation course, you’ll gain access to Isorropia Foundation’s Community Umbrella. There are many exciting opportunities, with an ever-evolving selection of activities for you to participate in, including the option to attend weekly Gift Follow-Up sessions to continue working towards your goals.

The Members Journey

Step By Step

the first step

get in touch

We know that reaching out isn’t easy, but our team are here to help. You can contact us via phone, email, or request a call back. We will ask a few questions to better understand your wellbeing and ensure you recieve the most appropriate support.

becoming a member


This initial phone call will be with an experienced wellbeing coach who will ask some questions about your wellbeing to ensure you recieve the most appropriate support. They will also answer any questions you may have.

the lowdown

Introduction Workshop

Upon the completion of your induction, you will be given a date for an Introduction Workshop. This is the starting point for all new members, here you will book onto the workshops that interest you.

the learning bit

Workshop Programme

With a variety of workshop topics avaliable, over the coming weeks you will attend the workshops you booked during your Introduction Workshop. Most members complete this within 8-12 weeks.

the transformational bit

Gift Foundation Course

All members will have the opportunity to attend the Gift Foundation Course. This unique course is designed to empower you to embrace a ‘growth mindset’ and use the skills learnt to set achieveable goals and plans for your future.

Last, but by no means least!

the Community Umbrella

We know that lasting change doesnt happen overnight. That’s why we created the Community Umbrella, a friendly encouraging environment where members can continue to transform their wellbeing through top-up workshops, social activites, annual wellbeing events, and more!

Member Testimonials

"I have benefited more from Isorropia than from any other treatment or therapy I have had in the past. I would also like to say thank you for your time, attention and support."

Isorropia Member

"A doctor referred me to Isorropia and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I have 1 million percent changed and developed since engaging with Isorropia. I now have no panic attacks. Every time I needed to talk to someone they would be on the end of the phone. Thanks to Isorropia I’ve gone from one strength to another."

Isorropia Member

"Isorropia has been life changing. The staff team at Isorropia are dedicated to delivering their wellbeing model and to supporting the members."

Isorropia Member