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Welcome to 2024 – Embracing New Opportunities

Hello, welcome back to 'Inside Isorropia' - Isorropia Foundation's blog. January marks the start of a new year filled with opportunities. also, a fresh look for the blog. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Karleigh, and…Read more.

Blue Personalities | Grief | Blue Water Spaces

Welcome back to Inside Isorropia. It’s been a glorious start to September thank goodness. I think we all feel so much happier when we are able to get outside and feel the warmth on our skin.…Read more.

Summer | Solutions | Success

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Inside Isorropia. It’s the school summer holidays, and as per the norm for Great Britain, it is decidedly damp, grey and drizzly outside. We are now halfway through August, and…Read more.

Colour | Personality | Yellow

Hello! How did you find June’s heat waves? I hope it was manageable and you found ways to keep cool and minimise any discomfort. More heat is supposedly headed our way, but not until August, apparently!…Read more.

Volunteering Stories | Trust the Process

Well, hello again, and a very happy Pride month to you all. Hasn’t this month just been glorious!? I know us Brits are renowned for talking about the weather and (more often than not) complaining that…Read more.

Volunteer | Change | Evolve

Back at the start of May, the weather appeared to be dragging itself incredibly slowly into Spring which was such a shame. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling the need for jumpers and even coats…Read more.

Celebrate | Grow | Reset

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Inside Isorropia – The Blog. I have been enjoying all the little pops of colour that have appeared in and around MVC over the past few weeks. Spring flowers are…Read more.

Community | Meaning & Purpose | Shaping Us

I can hardly believe we are now well into March with Easter already on the horizon. Following that rather unwelcome last bite of winter, we have finally had some sunshine and warmth here on the Island.…Read more.

Belonging | Community

Hi everyone and welcome back to ‘Inside Isorropia – The Blog’ We now find ourselves in February and after some very cold and frosty winter mornings down at Medina Valley Centre, we are looking forward to…Read more.

A New Home | Welcome

An Introduction First and foremost, ‘welcome one and all’ to Isorropia Foundation’s blog and our first-ever post. My name is Lucy and I’m one of the Wellbeing Coaches here at Isorropia (You can find out more…Read more.