Concerns & Complaints

Isorropia Foundation Complaints Process & How It Works For You

Our complaints procedure is structured around three main principles: Listening, responding & improving.

In other words, taking an active approach to asking for people’s views, responding to any concerns and complaints effectively and using the information received to learn and improve.

We want to hear from you if you have a concern about the experience you have had within Isorropia and we value your feedback as essential to the continual improvement of the service we provide.

The aim of this page is to give you a guide to our complaints process.

What should I do before I make a complaint?

We encourage you to talk to a member of our team and share your concerns with them.

Alternatively, you can ask to speak to a member of the Senior Management Team. (Please see names of Senior team at the end of this page.)

What happens if I am still unhappy?

If you feel you have made every effort to resolve your concern and you are still not satisfied, we welcome you to make a complaint.

In both instances, please contact:
Tel: 01983 217791

Who can complain?

Any member of Isorropia Foundation can complain. You can complain for yourself or for a friend or relative, but you must have their consent. If the friend/relative is deceased or very ill then you may need consent from their next of kin.

When should I complain?

It is always best to make your complaint as soon as possible and not more than 12 months after the date on which the incident occurred or 12 months after the date when you became aware of the concern.

What do we need to know about your complaint?

You should write a letter of complaint and give as much information as possible about what, where, and when it happened. Don’t forget to include your full name, address, telephone number and date of birth and include these details, if relevant, for any other person if you are raising a concern on their behalf.

Wherever possible you should give the name and job title of any team member involved in the complaint if you know this information. Don’t worry if you don’t have this information. If you cannot make your complaint in writing, please contact Isorropia Foundation Senior Management Team and they will take the details from you either in person or via the telephone.

When will I hear from you?

We will contact you within three working days of receiving your complaint to agree how we will manage it with you, and a timescale in which we will respond. Simple complaints will probably be resolved quickly, but more complex complaints may take a number of weeks to resolve. If there is going to be a delay in getting a response to you, we will contact you to agree an alternative date on which you will receive our response.

What will you do about my complaint?

We will investigate your complaint and on completion of our investigation the Isorropia Foundation management team will write to you with the outcome. If you prefer, we can arrange for alternative forms of response, such as spoken responses on an audio file. As part of the response, we will communicate any learning we have identified as a result of your complaint and what actions we intend to take to improve our service.

Who can help you resolve your complaint?

The Isorropia Foundation Senior Management Team coordinates the investigation of and response to complaints and is available to offer advice and guidance throughout the complaints process.

Please contact:

Maria Griffiths: Organisational Lead
Charlie Stevens / Natalie Streets: Deputy Leads

For further advice and support please consider the following:

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can offer advice and direct you to the most appropriate person / service to help you.
Tel: 0800 144 8848