Foundation Course

The Gift – All Members go through our foundation course, which is designed to:
•  Help people identify the needs in their lives that impact negatively on their mental health.
•  Understand the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
•  The importance of a positive and open mindset.
•  Discover and connect with meaning and purpose in life.

Psycho-Educational Workshops

Addiction – This workshop covers the different models of addiction, focusing predominately on substances and behaviours. We invite our members to explore their own addictive traits and support them to gain awareness around modifying these habits.

Anger Management – Many peoples seem to allow anger to be a destructive force in their lives. The workshop educates our members to identify where their anger comes from, it also helps our members to understand that anger is an emotion of aggression that isn’t bad but must be understood and managed. We endeavour to support or members to take ownership of their frustrations.

Anxiety Management – Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a very common well being issue. Our workshop is designed specifically to help individuals face their fears and fully understand the difference between real dangers and psychological ones. They will learn about many of the recognised anxiety conditions and be encouraged to challenge their irrational thoughts and beliefs to relieve their symptoms

Assertiveness & Communication – When our members embark on their journey to better wellness, they often need support to develop healthy communication styles and guidance to hone the skill of assertiveness. This helps them get their needs met and continue to ask for help. We establish a specific way of communicating in the workshop and model the appropriate styles for our members to witness.

Co-Dependency – This way of being is now generally recognised as a problem in its own right. It is underpinned by maladaptive behaviour traits that lead individuals into unhealthy relationships due to their excessive need to be needed due to fear of abandonment, or conversely rescuing individuals from emotional turmoil and suffering themselves. We explain to members how, when, where and why co-dependency is likely to manifest and how it will impact their mental health if not addressed.

Confidence & Self-Esteem – Many well being issues strip people of their confidence and self-worth, contrarily low self-esteem and negative beliefs systems contribute to unwellness. However we view it, it is imperative that we support our members to gain boldness and self-regard to break through the apathy that accompanies most mental health disorders.

Depression – Possibly one of the most recognised mental health issues in western society. Our workshop is a thorough education about depression and low mood, we cover the biology, medication and physical symptoms. We look at strategies and techniques to manage depression and draw on up-to-date research and science to launch our members into a new personal era of insight.

Food & Nutrition – In this day and age it is common knowledge that eating healthily will benefit your mood and enhance an active lifestyle. In our workshop we don’t just talk about the science and benefits of this, we demonstrate how to prepare delicious nutritious meals and supply recipes and methodology.

Forgiveness & Letting Go – Its often said that holding on to your past can consequently impact your future negatively. At Isorropia we support our members to focus on letting go of the beliefs and behaviours that keep them pinned to their past and correlate directly to their disparaging cycles in the here and now. We work through forgiveness concepts and engage the members in activities that demonstrate the importance of letting go.

Guilt & Shame – These two emotions can often get confused. We plan to educate our members to know the difference and to manage these powerful feelings that can often derail a persons progress when they start to address their well-being issues.

Wellbeing Planning – These workshops are vital to anyone committed to tackling their problems and will help them develop skills and techniques that impact on their overall mental health. The members work through a series of worksheets including goal mapping, thought record diaries, cognitive comparisons and scoring systems.

Regulating Mood & Building Resilience – In order to manage your moods and establish a grounded and well-balanced life you need to be able to tolerate your own feelings, accept them and manage them. We gently challenge our members to address their feelings through introspection and mindfulness. In turn they develop resilience and self-soothing methods that set them up for a life of fulfilment.

Relationships – What we generally see in the realms of mental health is individuals whose suffering affects the well-being of their families and friends. Often the dynamics in their family may be what cause a person to become unwell. We like to get our members to reflect on their relationships and address any issues that may arise from unhealthy inter-personal relationships.

Sleep Hygiene – Sleep is essential when it comes to managing your life in a healthy and balanced way. In our workshop we look at how to get a good nights sleep, the things that impede on sleep and the benefits of sleep.

Toxic Shame – This is a concept that has been recognised as the possible precursor to swathes of mental health issues. Our goal here is to establish that our members are not ‘bad’ or defective in any way shape or form, but often part of a system that may not of met their needs or accommodated their individuality. Moreover if people suffer a trauma or crisis during their life they may need to assess where they are at without destructive shame exacerbating their discomfort. The workshop is a fascinating journey into the theories and ideas that relate to this topic.

Creative & Activity Based Workshops

•  Art
•  Creative Writing
•  Gym
•  Gardening
•  Mindfulness and Meditation
•  Relaxation
•  Wellbeing Walk

Members Groups

In addition to our foundation course and the workshops listed above, we also encourage Members to set-up their own special interest groups, either within one of our two Newport-based wellbeing centres, or in their home town (in a community centre, sports club, or library for example). See the Members Area of this website for a list of the groups that are already running, and for information about how to set-up a new group.