Foundation Course

The Gift – All Members go through our foundation course, which is designed to:
•  Help people identify the needs in their lives that impact negatively on their mental health.
•  Understand the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
•  The importance of a positive and open mindset.
•  Discover and connect with meaning and purpose in life.

Psycho-Educational Workshops

Anxiety Management – Anxiety is a very common wellbeing issue which is at the centre of so many daily struggles. Our workshop is designed specifically to help individuals face their fears and fully understand the difference between real dangers and the ones we create in our mind. Our members learn about the various routes into anxiety and are encouraged to challenge their irrational thoughts and beliefs to relieve their symptoms.

Assertiveness & Communication – How often do we find ourselves struggling due to unhealthy relationships or an inability to effectively communicate your needs? When our members embark on their journey to better wellness, they often need support to develop healthy communication styles and guidance to hone the skill of assertiveness. This helps them set and maintain healthy boundaries, get their needs met and continue to ask for help. We establish a specific way of communicating in the workshop and model the appropriate styles for our members to witness.

Confidence & Self-Esteem – Many wellbeing issues strip people of their confidence and self-worth, and then a lack of self-esteem can make us feel incapable of dealing with the issues we already have. In this workshop we aim to help our members understand the source of their lack of confidence and self-esteem, to recognise areas where they already have these qualities, and to give them tools to help them build their confidence and self-worth in the places they need it most.

Depression – Prolonged low mood is one of the most recognised mental wellbeing issues, and at its worst can lead to total disconnection from meaning and value in day to day life. Our members will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding as to their route into low mood, what is keeping them locked there, and clear direction as to how we might manage this. This workshop will arm members with tools that will help them with their motivation and self-discipline, encourage them to think about depression from a different perspective, and will launch them into a new personal era of insight.

Forgiveness & Letting Go – When presented with all of the answers and solutions, so often the past will keep people locked into their issues and stifle the possibility of change. Holding onto the past can impact your future. In fact, in some cases, it can even prevent you from moving forward at all. At Isorropia, we support our members to recognise where the past might be having a negative impact on their current wellbeing, and how they can begin to let go of the past and switch their focus to the now and future. During this workshop we will explore how sometimes we can create a destructive identity or negative self-beliefs as a result of past events, and how by using forgiveness or letting go techniques we can break free of damaging cycles and start to build a healthier identity.

Live Streams – Our private members Facebook group has daily live streams Monday-Friday which focus on different topics that help our members maintain their wellbeing. The live streams compliment the workshops or act as a standalone session.

Regulating Mood & Resilience – How many common wellbeing issues are in essence a heightened emotional response of one type or another? In order to establish a grounded and well-balanced life we need to learn to manage our moods, and this includes learning to tolerate and accept our own feelings, as well as playing a more active role in choosing our responses to them. ‘This workshop will encourage members to identify their emotions through introspection and mindfulness, and will arm the members with tools and strategies they can use to manage and sooth their emotions when they arise in day-to-day life. If we can develop emotional intelligence and resilience, emotions begin to feel less scary and we can move towards a life of fulfilment.

Sleep, Food & Exercise – Suggested change: ‘It is common knowledge that sleeping well, eating healthily, and exercising regularly will benefit our moods. However, exactly how intrinsic these things are to mental wellbeing is often overlooked. Our members will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of how each of these areas links to wellbeing, and how by prioritising these areas they can begin to take an active role in managing their ongoing issues. The workshop will help the members to make plans for how they might improve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle going into the future.

Wellbeing Planning – This workshop is vital to anyone committed to tackling their problems. Wellbeing Planning provides a safe space for our members to discuss their ongoing struggles and to deconstruct their issues into manageable steps. The members work through our interactive Wellbeing Planner workbook which will leave them with a clear plan for how to start actively tackling their wellbeing in the weeks ahead.

Creative & Activity Based Workshops

•  Art
•  Creative Writing
•  Mindfulness and Meditation
•  Relaxation
•  Wellbeing Walk

Members Groups

In addition to our foundation course and the workshops listed above, we also encourage Members to set-up their own special interest groups, either within one of our two Newport-based wellbeing centres, or in their home town (in a community centre, sports club, or library for example). .