The Isorropia team come from a wide range of different backgrounds, that include mental health nurses, therapists, life and wellbeing coaches. 90% of the team have a wealth of lived experience of wellbeing and mental health issues. We aim to take just as much care of our staff and volunteers as we do our members (those who use our service), to ensure they are happy and successful in what they do and can realise their own potential as they undertake their own journeys. The Isorropia team are:

Charlie B. – Co-Founder & Director – Hi, my name is Charlie. I’m a registered Mental Health Nurse who has also specialised in addiction and life coaching for many years. Living my life to achieve purpose, fulfilment and balance is crucial to my journey.

Through the years I have gained extensive experience in empowering people to develop their own wellbeing. I transform goals into reality and have a natural aptitude towards motivating people with positivity. I help people to achieve success through a deep understanding of being in balance and by showing others how to adopt this philosophy of living life.

Vicki H – Co-founder & Director – Hi, I’m Vicki. I’m a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Independent Prescriber with over 20 years’ experience. Most of my clinical career has been spent in Acute Mental Health Services and mental health service transformation, yet my passion is for more person-centred non-medical approaches to managing mental health.

I have a great ability to connect with people and work out how they can progress with their recovery. I love to share new ways of working with people who have historically struggled to get what they want out of life. I believe that everyone can change if they want to, by identifying what is missing from their life and taking steps to fill this void. In my own life, I strive to reflect the values of the work I do to support the wellbeing of others.

Maria – Organisational Lead – Hi, my name is Maria. I’m a Registered General Nurse. I have gained a vast amount of experience working with individuals with a range of wellbeing conditions, from initial crisis to long term conditions in mental health. I also have specialist knowledge in alcohol and substance misuse.

I have a passion for helping and encouraging people to identify areas of growth within their life, whether that is emotionally, spiritually, intellectually or socially. I believe growth should be guided by the individual and person-centred. Through effective communication and connection, I empower people with effective tools and positive encouragement that will enable them to create the life that they want to live.

Ami – Eating disorder, LGBT & Engagement Lead – Hi, I’m Ami. I have years of lived experience with mental health that has led to a lot of time spent in and out of Mental Health and Eating Disorder hospitals.

My experiences have largely added to the person I am today. They have given me strength, drive and great determination. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and supporting them through their own recovery. Recovery is a journey that most of us face at some point in our lives, and that journey always begins with a single step. To view a snapshot of my story click the following link

Karen – Training, Team Development & Improvement Lead – Hi, my name is Karen. I’m a mental health nurse and worked within NHS acute mental health services on the Isle of Wight for most of my adult life. I’ve lived on the Island my whole life and appreciate its landscapes, beautiful walks and sometimes its isolation; all of these factors really support my wellbeing.

I have experienced anxiety and low mood for much of my life, although this has reduced significantly since I started working hard to address my wellbeing many years ago. I believe that everyone deserves compassion and to be accepted as a unique and worthwhile human being regardless of who they are, what situation they are in and the mistakes they have made; and that total acceptance is the foundation for anyone to grow, however hard their journey has been so far.

I’m passionate about positive culture within organisations and believe that this is central to success; a culture where there is a strong vision, robust values and a commitment to be open to feedback to continually learn, improve and achieve success for the people we serve, including ourselves.

Carol – Wellbeing Practitioner – Hi I’m carol I’m a registered mental health nurse that has worked in various teams. My interest is working with young people to optimise their potential to be able to lead an independent and fulfilling life. I have a qualification in psychosocial interventions to assist individuals in gaining a purposeful and meaningful life . I enjoy the outdoors and skiing and have a passion for animals. I feel empowerment is the key to success and willingness to work at your optimum level in life and enjoy life to the full

Jayne – Wellbeing therapist and life coach – Hi, I am Jayne, and as a motivational wellness coach and relationship expert, Integrative Therapist and Mediator, I bring over 30 years of experience.  I have worked in diverse therapeutic settings for all of my professional life, including in the field of addiction.  I am a master at relating to others with compassion, integrity, empowerment and generosity.

I own a private consultancy and coaching business.  I design, write and deliver, personal and professional, a wide range of non-accredited bespoke workshops to meet the needs of individuals and for them to have Life Success.  I specialise in enabling others to gain clarity about what their goals are; creating new paradigms, improving self-confidence; understanding loss and learning how to deal with high anxiety and stress.  Once clear goals have been defined then our work together is to formulate and develop action plans to ensure these goals are achieved. Also, for participants to have personal transformation in their home life, work life and the way they relate to their community and in the world.

Another area that I specialise in is trauma therapy.  I use the Rewind Technique to help individuals overcome traumas and phobias.

Corina – Life coach – Hi, I am Corina. I am an experienced life coach who, through inspirational-led coaching, empowers individuals to transform their lives by creating an internal culture of positive change.

My strengths are helping individuals to focus and find their own goals to work on and I am passionate about helping people find their own solutions to the problems they are facing.  I look to provide others with unconditional positive regard and a safe space, where they can be themselves, and be open and honest about the way they truly feel.

In the workshops I write and deliver, I bring a depth of knowledge, life experience and understanding.  I will work with you to implement your plans into the daily foundation of your life, ensuring that you not only learn how to apply the information learnt, but that you consistently stay focused, so it becomes a positive new habit.

Neil S. – In-House Co-ordinator – Hi, I’m Neil. After working really hard in my early teens I worked out a specific career path to allow me to succeed in all the things that I thought would bring me happiness. I was completely unaware of the impact this would have on my mental wellbeing.

Around 2012 my life changed drastically and I found myself quickly slipping into depression and losing all purpose in life. I began to self -medicate and quickly found myself becoming dependent on alcohol. This culminated in 2019, when I was referred to Isorropia.

During my time with Isorropia I committed to the programme and worked really hard on my recovery and they supported me throughout, helping me to remain focused, build my resilience and constantly reminded that I am capable to work my way to happiness. I managed to ‘find myself’ again and now live a fruitful and fun life. I now have a true passion to use my new found knowledge and the tools I used to help others to rediscover themselves and live a full and meaningful life.

Charlie S. – Wellbeing Programme Co-ordinator – Hey, Charlie S. here. I have a history of anxiety and depression linked to drug and alcohol abuse. A downwards spiral started in my late teens, leading to social isolation, no motivation, massive anxiety, a deep depression and a totally nihilistic view and approach to life. When this peaked in early 2018, I embarked on a course which revolutionised my way of thinking.

Having come out the other side, I would love to help others from all walks of life by imparting the knowledge and tools I’ve gained to help them find their purpose and to rediscover the light at the end of the tunnel. The program run by Isorropia incorporates all of the valuable lessons that helped me so much. I strongly believe that everyone already has perfection inside of them, it’s just a case of helping them to see it. To hear a little more about me click the following link

Vicky – Community Lead & Volunteer Lead –Hi, I’m Vicky. Although I studied psychology at degree level, my thirst for travel took me into the field of education all around the world for 20 years. As head of an International language college in Australia for 11 years I was fortunate to guide and witness adults positively alter their life path through education, daily reflective practice and exposure to new experiences; not too dissimilar to what I do now at Isorropia.

Life events can take their toll on our mental health (or ‘emotional health’ as I prefer to call it), but I have learnt from experience not to ignore or deny the signals our amazing body and mind are trying to communicate to us. I’m passionate about taking control of our own wellbeing, with particular emphasis on the body’s ability to heal the mind. I need to be active and have regular contact with the outdoors to be my healthiest self, physically and emotionally, and believe we all need more mobility medicine in our lives – so get ready to join me on a yoga mat, a bike or in the mud.

Sarah – Assessment & Duty Co-ordinator – My name is Sarah. I’ve worked in housing, social care and the NHS. I wanted to come to work at Isorropia as I was so impressed with the workshops and the core values here. I may meet you in my role as the Assessment and duty co-ordinator.

My own personal experience of anxiety over the years has involved lots of closed doors and disappointment. I wish I could have accessed Isorropia when I was unwell as medication didn’t work for me and was the only option I was offered.

I am an outdoors person and enjoy nothing more than growing my own veg and collecting plants. I strongly believe that aligning ourselves with nature and the rhythms of the seasons helps us to stay grounded and healthy. Gratitude for the smaller things in life keeps me well and happy.

Harriet – Wellbeing Coach – Hi, I’m Harriet. I have a degree in English and an MA in Creative Writing, as well as experience in bookselling and teaching. All of this has built my communication skills and helped me to connect with people.

I struggled with my mental wellbeing during university, which was a shock after I had previously been happy and confident at school. Working on my issues was a journey, but a combination of CBT and lifestyle changes have got me to a place where I am now really good, and feel able to maintain it. I am really passionate about passing on what I’ve learnt to others, as I know first-hand exactly how much of a difference even small changes can make.

Jazz – Wellbeing Coach – Hello everyone, I’m Jazz. I began my journey in this service as a member and with the help of the Isorropia team, I worked my way up to volunteering and then to a full time member of staff.

My journey has led me to experience a whole manner of circumstances, ones that originally led me down the wrong path. However, I’m now able to use the experiences I’ve had to help others and continue advocating for those who need it. In the last couple of years of my journey, I’ve become interested in public speaking and sharing my experiences in mental health, ADHD and addiction services. I’ve become an active speaker in NHS, Council and other professional Boards, taskforces and meetings. I love a challenge, and I love to try new things in life. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Jemma – Wellbeing Coach – Hello! Jemma here. I have a vast knowledge of mental health from both education and lived experience, particularly borderline personality disorder, drug addiction and post traumatic stress due to domestic abuse.

My passion is to help and support people as they go through their recovery journey. Having gone through my own, I came to the realisation that my meaning and purpose was not being fulfilled, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to volunteer with mental health services, and further continue my learning with courses in mental health awareness and counselling. In 2019 I was approached by Isorropia and was absolutely blown away by the environment of compassion, support and empathy. I realised that this was where I could develop that career path and continue my journey.

Lisa F. – Wellbeing Coach – Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m a mum to 3 girls, a wife and a friend to many. In recent years I have experienced an adventure in my own transition of mental health recovery from service user to volunteer, then to employment as a Recovery Support Worker, which I enjoy immensely.

Throughout my life I’ve had a passion for empowering people. I have recently qualified in CACHE Level 2 and 3 in Understanding Mental Health, along with other relevant qualifications. I have a comprehensive experience of the mental health services. I use my empathetic and compassionate nature to help others to achieve great wellbeing and move forward with their mental health recovery. To watch more of my journey click the following link

Tom – Wellbeing Coach – I’m Tom. In the past I’ve had issues with depression, anxiety and alcohol problems. I have a career background in youth work, addiction services, volunteer management, third sector project development and charity fundraising.

I am a qualified, registered Meditation Teacher and Healing Meditation Practitioner. I get to share the health and wellbeing benefits of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques with our members and my colleagues. You’ll find me leading groups in a room with relaxing music, scented crystals, gentle lighting and focus objects. I also support our members who wish to engage in volunteering – either through Isorropia or in the wider community.

Marie – Wellbeing Coach – Until my 40’s I was fulfilled and happy. At age 17 I left home and became a professional dancer working in Illustrious London venues, then moved away to open a dance school. During this time I got married and wanted a family, but found I was unable to conceive. I had tubal surgery followed by a near-fatal ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the breakdown of my marriage. I lost both Mum and Dad, followed by my brother aged 63 from a brain tumour. I was diagnosed with life threatening Addison’s Disease and now take medication daily to stay alive.

I transferred to Isorropia from Richmond Fellowship. I felt loved and supported by the team. Some have shared the last six years of this journey with me, and now as a Wellbeing Coach I feel fulfilled and empowered.

Steve – Wellbeing Coach – Hi, my name is Steve. I have a background working in care settings specialising in dementia and learning difficulties. I have lived experience having been through deep depression due to alcohol and substance misuse. I gained control of my life through spiritual healing and an intent focus on bettering myself on many levels. I came to Isorropia to share the knowledge I gained whilst moving through a particularly difficult time in my life and coming out the other side happier, healthier and looking forward to the future; a future vastly different to what could have been, had I not made that choice to change.

Natalie – Wellbeing Coach – Hi, I’m Nat. I have a BSc Hons degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice studies and have recently gone back to education, where I’m currently training to be a counsellor. Although I’m originally from the Island, I spent most of my twenties running pubs in London, which taught me invaluable life lessons like resilience, teamwork, and communication.

In the past I have had issues with anxiety and have an ongoing OCD which I manage on a daily basis. This experience has led me to develop new skills and helped me to think outside the box, making me a more empathetic person. Having my own mental health issues has inspired me to work with Isorropia and I’m committed to improving perceptions of mental health on the Isle of Wight. I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to change and find their meaning and purpose in life.

Neil U – Wellbeing Coach – My name is Neil. I’m a Dad, a husband and a committed family man. I understand mental health issues in both a personal capacity and through self-taught education. I have experienced my own path of working out my mental health, and have had past issues with depression, anxiety, stress and addiction. I have supported people close to me with mental health issues throughout my adult life.

Recovery has given me opportunities to develop new skills and think differently, and has made me a wiser and more empathetic person. I want to give something back to my community, and I’m hoping to enrol in professional courses involving psychology or counselling. I aim to become a mental health support worker for Isorropia to help empower as many people as possible to achieve a future with better wellbeing.

Sonia – Wellbeing Coach – Hi, I’m Sonia. I have been teaching for over 14 years and have taught at all levels of linguistic ability. I have taught in the UK and overseas both in the university and language school sectors and in government funded programmes. I was a teacher trainer and examiner for the Cambridge CELTA course, and IELTS examiner for speaking and writing components. I completed my post-grad in 2007 and my latest role was at a leading Art and Design University in London.

I study art part time, and together with being a Wellbeing Coach at Isorropia I run the art workshops for members in the community umbrella.

Lisa – Deputy Business ManagerHi I’m Lisa. I have worked as an administrator for other Mental health providers for several years. Since starting with Isorropia I have learnt so much about myself and my own wellbeing and how living a healthy balanced life is pivotal for my wellbeing. I started working for Isorropia in 2019 as an admin, I am now supporting the business team, which is a role I really enjoy, and I am very passionate about. It is a privilege to work in such an inspiring and innovative environment.

June – Administrator – Hi, I’m June. I’ve worked in admin for many years, in other mental health and social care areas, including drugs and alcohol and adult social care. Coming to Isorropia is a breath of fresh air; the inclusion, development and growth of our members and staff is second to none. I’ve learned so much about myself: my lived experience of mental health issues within my family, and how this has affected my own growth and understanding. I feel that once we have a greater understanding of ourselves and a toolkit to help us, we can all grow into greater things. It may take time but it is well worth taking the journey.

Paul M. Audio Visual & Media Technician– Hi, I’m Paul. I produce all the videos and media you see online, and will be producing our upcoming podcasts. I have 20 years’ experience in media production, including interviews, promotional videos, short films and feature length films. I gained my degree in film production from Falmouth University in 2013 which has allowed me to travel across the UK and finally led me to Isorropia.

During my time at Isorropia I have helped to develop the online presence, updated the existing media library and have established a professional studio for video recording and editing. I really enjoy helping to share the Isorropia story.

Layna – Wellbeing Coach & Illustrator – I’m Layna. I’m an innovative and creative person who brings the team’s ideas to life, and I help to run Isorropia’s online platforms. I have a good knowledge of mental health, having previously worked as a wellbeing coach and experienced personal struggles.

I enjoy digital illustration, photography and videography and I’m passionate about raising awareness for various mental health and wellbeing issues through these mediums.

I have an interest in holistic therapies, believe in a holistic approach to treating wellbeing issues and I’m a qualified Bowen therapist. I have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy continually gaining qualifications to support my personal and professional growth.

Sam – Media Support – Hi, I’m Sam. After leaving school I studied art and then worked as a graphic designer in London, until I developed a neurological movement disorder called dystonia, which prevented me from working long hours in an office. I became extremely self-conscious of the tremors and contortions that the condition caused, and spent several years feeling sorry for myself and self-isolating. One day I decided that I’d run away from all my fears for long enough, and vowed to do something useful with my life.

I moved back to the Island and began volunteering at Quay House mental health recovery centre (My Time), while I took a teacher training course. While volunteering I saw the many problems being encountered by the service users, and decided to make a film about it to try and raise awareness and explore some possible solutions. Since then I’ve helped to make Isorropia a cutting-edge centre for recovery and self-empowerment. To my mind it’s the perfect solution to so many of the social and healthcare challenges faced on the Island, and a wonderful opportunity to work with inspiring people in a really creative, responsive and progressive environment.