Workshop Programme

Our Workshop Programme will help you to understand why you may be struggling and how to build a toolkit of coping skills. Throughout the programme you’ll begin to see how your current routine may be improving or hampering your mental wellbeing. We create positive, healthy, supportive relationships, and you’ll be invited to be part of a progressive and forward thinking community. Our coaches will carefully guide you towards the tools and tricks to help you independently manage your wellbeing, with a sense of empowerment to live a contented, self-fulfilling life.

The Wellbeing Programme takes places after the induction and before ‘The Gift’ Foundation Course. It spans seven weeks of workshops covering a variety of mental health and wellbeing topics.

As a new member, you’ll initially attend an Introductory Workshop, where you’ll learn about Isorropia’s ethos and process, meet staff and fellow members, and create your own flexible timetable to suit you. We’ll offer you the opportunity to join the Wellbeing Programme, or to bypass the programme and immediately access The Gift Foundation Course and the Community Umbrella.

You can also access support from our duty team by telephone during normal operating hours.  Contact us now to find out more about our Workshop Programme.

Workshop Topics

All members are able to attend any of these workshops, and we’ll help you to create a timetable to meet your specific needs. We offer the following workshop topics:

  • Mastering Anxiety

    Helps individuals face their fears and understand the difference between real and perceived dangers. Members are encouraged to challenge thoughts and beliefs to relieve anxiety symptoms.

  • Developing a Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle

    Members learn how prioritising good sleep hygiene, a healthy diet and regular exercise can manage ongoing issues with mental wellbeing, and how to create an active and healthy lifestyle plan.

  • Effective Communication

    Establishes and models a specific method to develop healthy communication styles and assertiveness, set boundaries, meet needs and to ask for help.

  • Anger Management

    This workshop provides insight into the individual origins of anger, the basis of many common wellbeing issues, and introduces strategies for positive change.

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    We help members understand the reasons for their lack of confidence and self-esteem, to identify where they already have these qualities, and how to transfer this attitude and energy to deal with existing issues and build self-respect.

  • Navigating Healthy Relationships

    An understanding of co-dependency and its origins, personal insights, and active solutions to break long-standing established patterns of behaviour.

  • Overcoming Low Mood

    Equips participants with an understanding of their route into prolonged low mood, tools to manage it, changes in perspective, and the restoration of meaning and value bringing a new era of insight.

  • Wellbeing Planning

    Vital to overcome issues preventing progress. Wellbeing Planning consolidates ongoing struggles, clarifies wellbeing needs, and creates achievable goals towards a proactive focus.

  • Forgiveness & Letting Go

    We support members to recognise where the past is negatively affecting their wellbeing, to break free and embrace the possibility of change to build a healthier identity.

  • Fear of Getting Well

    Identifies shared fears that dissuade individuals from taking positive steps to address their wellbeing and refocuses on a life of freedom and contentment.

  • Emotional Regulation

    Members are supported to identify their emotions and use focus, self-reflection, and mindfulness to manage and calm emotions arising in daily life.

  • Live Online Workshops

    Weekly live online topic workshops which complement Isorropia’s Wellbeing Programme, but also act as standalone sessions.

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