Online Communities

An exciting ever-evolving area of the service…

We are passionate in using our social platforms, online presence, and local connections to influence a holistic approach to wellbeing, inspire positive change, and highlight the value of lived experience. These platforms enable us to connect with the local community, raise awareness and share the opportunity for individuals to work with our friendly compassionate team, who are dedicated to empowering people to improve their wellbeing, reach their goals and live in line with their meaning and purpose.

Join our online community…

We regularly share service updates and upcoming events through our public Facebook page. Once you have attended ‘The Gift’ Foundation Course, you’ll have the opportunity to join the ‘Isorropia Foundation Community Graduate’ Facebook group. This group shares an empowering environment for members to nurture connections with like-minded individuals. We post information regarding upcoming events and community activities, while sharing inspiring success updates and wonderful pictures from this ever-growing community.

Stay connected…

These platforms have successfully evolved to become hubs of encouragement and empowerment. You’ll be able to meet many of our Wellbeing Coaches and fellow members online, access digital resources and participate in wellbeing discussions via livestreams, which have supported many in taking the first step to become an Isorropia member and transform their lives.

Don’t miss out; join our online platforms!

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