Isorropia Foundation is a vibrant community, where people come together to support each another, participate in activities, and unfold their highest potential. But we couldn’t deliver this service without the help of Volunteers, many of whom are ex-Members themselves, that have ‘graduated’ from Isorropia and are seeking to give something back. But we also welcome Volunteers from outside the service – conscientious individuals that would like to contribute towards the wellbeing of their community.

There are no special requirements for Volunteers, beyond having the time and willingness to get involved. But if you can bring any special skills, knowledge or resources to the table, then all the better.

You will be asked to complete a basic induction course, which imparts some key safety information, and helps you to find the most suitable role – which might be helping to deliver one of the courses, or leading an activity like cooking, walking, or photography, or simply being there to welcome new Members and make them a cup of tea. Because you will be working with vulnerable adults, Volunteers must undergo a criminal background check, but we cover the cost of that, so it simply involves completing a form and submitting some ID, and then waiting for confirmation to come through that you have no prior convictions that would disqualify you from volunteering.

To enquire about or apply to be a Volunteer at Isorropia Foundation, please click the button below, which will take you to our contact page.

Become an Isorropia Volunteer