Become an Isorropia PatronIf you think Isorropia Foundation is a service worth having on the Island, then please consider becoming an Isorropia Patron. What is an Isorropia Patron? Simply a community-minded individual who is willing to make a small monthly donation, to help us to pay for things like rent, bills, salaries, therapies, groups, courses, tools, materials, IT equipment, and travel expenses for our Volunteers, so that we can continue to deliver these life-changing services.

Despite the importance of what we do, we still have to work hard to secure the funding that we need to operate. That means competing for contracts, making grant applications, soliciting donations, and organising fund-raising events, which are full-time activities in themselves.

But when kind-hearted individuals agree to become Patrons, they give us a little breathing space. They not only help to secure our long-term future, but they also allow us to focus on what we do best – which is providing friendly, intelligent, and well-targeted support, when people need it.

As a small token of our thanks, we give all Patrons Isorropia Foundation lapel pins and window stickers, we keep you informed of how we’re getting on and what our plans for the future are (through quarterly updates), and we invite you to attend ‘Friends of Isorropia’ events, like meetings, celebrations, and fund-raisers, so that you can meet our Staff, Volunteers, and other Patrons, as well as see first-hand what we do, and find out exactly what your money is enabling us to do.

To become an Isorropia Patron, simply click the Donate button below, fill in your details, and select the amount you’d like to donate each month. Once you’ve done that we’ll send you an email to say thank you, and to ask where you’d like your pin, window sticker, and any upcoming invitations sending. Our quarterly updates will be sent to the email address that you provide, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you’d prefer not to receive them. Thanks for caring.

Become an Isorropia Patron