Person-Centric Support – We understand that everyone is unique, and has great potential that can be realised if given the right support. And that’s our key aim – to deliver the individually-tailored support needed for people to overcome obstacles in their life, and realise their full potential.

Choice – We understand that self-empowerment stems from the ability to choose, so we provide a wide range of options, that allow people to choose what support they receive, and when they receive it.

Safety – We understand that people cannot prosper until they feel safe, which is why we ensure that our premises are secure and health and safety compliant, and our Staff and Volunteers are all background checked and qualified to perform their roles.

Consistency – While the activities that we offer may change over time, to better reflect people’s changing needs, our core values will never change. People are let down and given false hope often enough in this world, perpetuating and often adding to their problems, yet for real and lasting progress to be made, people need something solid to hold to when everything else may be falling apart. Which is why we strive to be there for people when they need that stability, for as long as they need it.

Responsiveness – We take our cues from nature and continually adapt, explore, and evolve, as we refine the way that we operate and the services that we deliver, so that we can respond quickly and accurately to the needs of the people who use our service, the needs of the wider community, and the needs those who fund and commission us.

Promoting Personal Journeys – We understand that everyone is on a journey – a pathway of learning, growth, and self-actualisation, and we facilitate that journey by encouraging a continual evolution in the roles that people perform. Those who use our service are encouraged to transition into becoming Volunteers who assist in and lead groups of their own, before taking the next step in their journey, which may include education, training, an apprenticeship, following a new career opportunity, or setting up a social enterprise. And in just the same way we encourage our Staff to build progression into the courses, groups and therapies that they deliver, and transition from one role to another in accord with their aspirations. We strive to ensure that everyone involved with us is passionate about their journey, has the opportunity to expand their skill-set and comfort zone, and unfold their highest potential at whatever pace suits them best.

Supporting the Local Community – Too often wonderful career opportunities are either outsourced to people and organisations off-Island, or are filled by a succession of temporary bank staff, which is not only a tragic disservice to Island residents, but impairs the quality of support being delivered, while haemorrhaging money from the local economy. Isorropia however takes steps to reverse this trend, by commissioning training at a local level in the specific areas that we’re under-skilled, and by facilitating apprenticeships, engaging with employers, and initiating conversations with commissioners to find alternative ways of achieving the same ends. In addition to this, we ensure that all our own Staff, service, and supply needs are sourced locally wherever possible. And when something can’t be sourced locally, we see that as an opportunity to innovate ways to fill that gap, with the wealth of talented people and resources available here on the Island.

Working as Part of a Team – We don’t operate in a vacuum or in competition with other organisations, we cooperate with them. We function as a part of a network, that includes Care Coordinators, the County Council, Town Councils, the NHS, the CCG, charities and non-profit organisations, community centres and local employers. We reach out and establish mutually beneficial relationships with these organisations, to improve the breadth, depth, and quality of support that we deliver, and to facilitate joined-up support as people transition between services.

Ethics, Transparency & the Environment  – One of our most important guiding principles is to maintain the highest standards of ethical and environmental conduct. Environmentally speaking, that means recycling, upcycling, minimising waste, sourcing locally, and always being open to new ways of doing things, that are more efficient and less wasteful than the old ways. In terms of transparency, that means we keep an open door policy to visitors at all times, we invite enquiries by phone, post and email, we extend out-reach services, we give talks whenever we’re invited to, and hold monthly ‘Big Conversation’ meetings that Staff, Volunteers and our Clients are all invited to. We’re proud of what we do, and believe we can inspire and teach others, as well as learn from others, so we welcome any and all enquiries and offers of cooperation. And in terms of ethics, that means our first priority will always remain the well-being of the people that we’re charged to care for, without allowing ourselves to become distracted by politics, special arrangements, or putting the needs of the service above the needs of those it serves.