Key 1: Create the Foundations of Stability
Core Value: Values of compassion, respect, non-judgement and transparency are constantly shared and reinforced in order to achieve safety and trust.

We model and communicate our values and behaviours across our relationships and activities, supporting an ethos of sharing and joint decision-making. We encourage honesty and transparency to achieve the most effective response.

Key 2: Develop a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle
Core Value: A holistic range of learning and transformational activities and interventions are delivered to increase self-awareness and development

We encourage members and the team to identify and develop achievable actions to maximise their wellbeing, through planning, workshops and interventions. We recognise the importance of balancing choice, responsibility, social connection, challenge, rest, inspiration and fun, removing barriers to success wherever we can.

Key 3: Embrace Acceptance and Letting Go
Core Value: Ownership of choices and ‘letting go’ of past unhelpful labels, definitions, thoughts and behaviours is encouraged in order to promote empowerment

We encourage ownership of connection and involvement in the programme, to maximise choice and empowerment. We focus activity on dealing with the present to improve the future, seeing each person as a unique individual with gifts to offer, free of definitions attached to diagnosis or hierarchy. We celebrate lived experience as a powerful and inspiring tool and share our personal stories to benefit one another.

Key 4: Adopt an Open and Positive Mindset
Core Value: An environment of continual curiosity and development which views all forms of feedback as the foundation of success is cultivated to drive growth and improvement

We know that owning and driving change in our lives and within the programme is a fundamental complement to our strengths, abilities, and interest. Routinely sharing experiences and the impact of the programme is carefully framed by a sensitive, supportive approach to new and sometimes challenging ideas where we step out of our comfort zone. We believe that anything is possible.

Key 5: Connect to Meaning and Purpose in Life
Core Value: A focus on goals of ultimate meaning and purpose is prioritised to unlock the highest potential for our members, team, partners, and the wider community.

We provide a springboard to ongoing growth and fulfilment through sharing successes and the development of lifelong goals and social connection. Recognising our own expertise and its value to the whole community as well as the individual is fundamental to Isorropia’s purpose.