9th May 2019 – Isorropia is now officially up and running! We moved into Quay House in Newport on the 1st of May 2019. When we arrived we met some of the people that were attending and working at the day service that we’re taking over from, and began the process of transformation. That meant giving the place a thorough clean, a fresh coat of paint, getting phone lines and computers connected up and working, making grant applications for signs and additional furniture, and taking care of a million and one other things that needed doing.

We’ve inherited quite a long list of people to provide services to – those who have been on Care Coordinators case loads, and those that were using the Quay House day service before we took over.  Which is going to put us at full capacity for several months, so we’re not going to be able to open up our doors to people dropping-in and self referring just yet unfortunately. But as soon as we’ve cleared some of the back-log that’s exactly what we will be doing.

So, to all those that are curious about Isorropia and would like to get involved, please be patient and watch this space. News will be posted here, and on the videos page of this site, and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (see social media buttons at the top right of this page to visit those accounts).

We can however open up our doors to volunteers at the moment. So if you’d like to get in touch to enquire about joining the Isorropia team and becoming part of a progressive new well-being service on the Island, then please get in touch via the contact page. More updates coming soon.

P.S. ~ We’ve just acquired the old Citizen’s Advice building at the bottom of Newport High Street as a secondary location to deliver services from, but it requires some renovations before it will be suitable, so it’ll be a little while before we’ll be up and running there.