Members Agreement & Confidentiality

*Note: This is a private online document which is only visible to you via the link provided.*

Please read the information and submit the form below.

We are delighted to be inviting you to join Isorropia Foundation. As a first step into your journey with us, we would like to congratulate you on committing to working with us.

Isorropia Foundation offers a wide variety of workshops that explore many common mental wellbeing topics. The aim of these workshops is to provide you with knowledge, self-awareness, practical skills and to reconnect you with meaning and value in your life.

At Isorropia, we like to put our members in the driving seat, fully believing that our members have the ability to be the driving force behind any positive change as they move through our programme and into the future. With this in mind, we will be inviting everyone to create their own pathway through Isorropia during the Introduction Workshop.

During this time, you can expect to have access to a variety of experienced, attentive and empathetic coaches, who are on hand to both deliver the workshops and provide more personal 1-to-1 telephone support as needed. We offer this support from Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.

However, as in any relationship, when joining Isorropia we also have expectations of our members. On joining Isorropia, you are making a commitment to regularly engaging with us on a face-to-face basis.

* If you are unwilling or unable to participate, we recommend you postpone your involvement with our programme until a more realistic or appropriate time.

“I’m feeling like I am having an emotional reaction, a difficult moment, and/or need guidance, what shall I do?”

Here is a step-by-step approach;

  1. We would initially advise that you engage with our workshop, or view our online resources through our website (
  2. Following this, we would advise attempting to alleviate the experience using your Personal Wellbeing Action Plan. You will have received this along with this agreement.
  3. Use reflection to remind yourself what works well when you feel like this and what doesn’t.

A time of need may be when you are feeling more emotionally challenged than usual and the above techniques have been attempted. Following this, we would now encourage you to make contact with our team on 01983 217791 to speak to one of our wellbeing coaches.

We would like to add, however, that if you are having unmanageable levels of distress and the above advice has not helped, please call immediately for support and we can help you through this difficult period. Please also be aware of our Out of Hours support services on the Isle of Wight, which are Safe haven (0330 008 2507) and Crisis Line (01983 522214).

By sumbitting this document I am agreeing that I understand, it is my responsibility to make contact with Isorropia Foundation in times of increased risk of harm to myself or others and that I am aware of the out of hours services. By signing this I am also acknowledging that Isorropia Foundation my commitment to the programme will be monitored. Should I not engage with the service, I will be discharged back to the care of my GP but I am aware that I can receive support from them again in the future when I feel more ready.

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