What Are Our Outcomes?

Welcome to our Quarterly Feedback to you, our members! The aim of this feedback is to keep you informed of how we are doing, what we are doing well and what improvements we are making in response to your feedback and also, incidents we encounter within our service.

Below is a summary of feedback for the 3 months leading up to and including July. We intend to improve our methods of communicating with you constantly so please get in touch with us here if you feel we could present this better or if there is anything else you think we could be sharing with you.


  • July 2021

    An overview of outcomes from questionnaires and interviews with members who had reached graduation were:

    Anxiety & depression Management, Hope for the future and Overall Wellbeing has increased significantly for members, with the programme empowering a lift in 99% of individuals across these areas.
    88% of individuals have increased their scores in all wellbeing areas.
    All members have improved their anxiety & depression management techniques, and individuals’ ratings for this has improved for 95% of members.
    97.5% of members have found our workshops helpful.
    All are now socially active (some of this is online only) and over half of members are reporting being socially independent.
    25% of members have come off or reduced their medication.
    50% of members have entered employment, volunteer roles or enrolled in education.
    Average overall experience mark lies at 9.3 out of 10.

    Complaints & Incidents

    We have had no official complaints in the last 3 months.

    We have had 4 incidents in the past 3 months. None of these were Serious Incidents.

    Positive practice included thorough and compassionate responses to 3 members who presented in mental health or physical health crisis and effective referrals to other services to meet their increased needs.

    Learning for the team centred around improving information and signage in our staff break areas to improve the safety and cleanliness of our environment.

    Feedback from Workshops:

    97.5% of people found workshops helpful.
    98.7% of people reported improved learning.
    94.3% of people reported improved self-awareness.
    95.6% of people reported improved connections.

    Feedback about our Team:

    84% overall mandatory training compliance to date.
    88.9% of Team had achieved 1-1 supervision within the minimum required period of 6 weeks.
    72% of Team had completed a personal wellbeing plan – this is currently a choice but is encouraged in order that our team recognise, communicate and respond to their needs more positively.
    100% of the team reported they felt they could talk to a member of the senior team if their mental health deteriorated.
    Overall sickness rate for Team is low and currently at 1.24%

    Other interesting feedback and our responses:

    There has been 91% Increase in public facebook reach recently – we are recognising this is a really important way to let others know more about us and about positive wellbeing in general.

    In response to members not being able to always commit to a structured programme, we Introduced more choice for members – they can now choose workshops that appeal or that they feel are relevant and create their own journey.

    We moved to ensuring team members are skilled in as many areas of our programme delivery as possible to maximise our ability to cover our rota effectively and reduce cancellations.

    We have extended our member questionnaire to measure a broader range of factors affecting their experience and wellbeing. This is in order that we are more informed about how they have been impacted by our programme and can be more responsive to their needs.

    Direct Feedback from Members:

    “The Isorropia program has been transformative, massively beneficial and I love the way you give us the responsibility for our own wellbeing, but show us ways to cope with this. I love the diversity of the concepts, and the coaches and working in groups has been immensely powerful.”
    “The change within me has been incredible; I am not anxious and have come off my medication. The level of support has been amazing throughout the Coaches lived experience has been invaluable to me and the aftercare program has been unique, fundamental and awesome.”