Our Core Values

Key 1: Create the Foundations of Stability

Core Value: We constantly share and reinforce the values of compassion, respect, non-judgement, and transparency, to help you to feel safe in our care and know that you can trust us to to achieve your wellbeing and happiness.

We model and communicate these values and behaviours across our relationships and activities in Isorropia, encouraging a sharing culture and collaboration to make decisions together. We encourage honesty and transparency to help you get the best possible results from our programme.

Key 2: Develop a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

Core Value: We deliver a comprehensive range of learning and activities to increase your self-awareness, transform your development and remove any obstacles standing in your way.

You’ll be encouraged to identify and develop achievable actions to maximise your wellbeing, through planning, workshops, and interventions. We recognise the importance of balancing choice with responsibility, while you make new social connections, challenge and inspire yourself and others, while still making time for reflection and fun.

Key 3: Embrace Acceptance and Letting Go

Core Value: We’ll encourage you to connect with the programme to own your choices and empower yourself to ‘let go’ of unhelpful labels, thoughts, and behaviours.

Each person is a unique individual with gifts to offer, free of any definitions attached to a diagnosis or hierarchy. We’ll help you to focus actively on dealing with the present to improve the future. Your lived experience is a powerful and inspiring tool, and we each celebrate and share our personal stories to benefit one another.

Key 4: Adopt an Open and Positive Mindset

Core Value: To support your growth and improvement, we see all forms of feedback as the foundation of success – framed by an environment of curiosity and development.

Owning and driving change in our lives sits alongside our strengths, abilities, and interests. When we ask you to share your experiences and the impact of the programme, we make sure you are sensitively supported to accept new and sometimes challenging ideas which may be outside of your comfort zone. We believe that anything is possible – and we’ll help you believe it too.

Key 5: Connect to Meaning and Purpose in Life

Core Value: Our priority is to help you to achieve your goals of ultimate meaning and purpose, and to unlock your highest potential.

Sharing your successes and developing your lifelong goals is a springboard to social connection, growth and lasting fulfilment. Recognising your own expertise and its value is fundamental to Isorropia’s purpose. We believe in the impact that you can have on your fellow members, the Isorropia team, and the wider community.